Help with cannabis pardon applications now available

Canadians who have been previously convicted of simple cannabis possession are now able to apply for a pardon (also known as a record suspension) with no application fee or wait period, once their sentence has been served. And the Calgary… Read More

Moving forward – the Brain Story

The Brain Story In 2018, CJHS embarked on a journey of change that would enable us to better serve our justice-involved clients — the overwhelming majority of whom experienced trauma as children. The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (created by the… Read More


Alannah’s story Looking back at different parts of her life, Alannah, now 24, feels like they are completely different lifetimes. “I almost can’t relate because I’m not that person anymore,” she says. Alannah was placed into foster care at the… Read More


Danny’s story When asked what the most influential thing in his life has been, Danny has one word: boxing. “I thought I was a tough guy and stepped into the ring. I got humbled really quick,” he says. “It made… Read More


Jonah’s story Identified as gifted at a young age, Jonah is highly intelligent and talented. He did his first multiplication table when he was four and excelled at sports. But his life began to unravel after his parents divorced. While… Read More

A message from Executive Director Gord Sand

A message from Executive Director Gord Sand From our 2018 Annual Report In 2018 we began a journey of organizational change, formally recognizing something we have long known to be true: that addiction and/or criminal behaviour can largely be the… Read More

New Bedford House opens after 15-year journey

After 15 years, the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS)’s new Bedford House has finally opened. CJHS hosted a grand opening event on June 12, 2019 for over 140 guests to celebrate the opening of the new residence, as well as… Read More