Interested in Volunteering?

It’s about gaining something from your time, not giving something for nothing

While we benefit from the skills, experience, and enthusiasm of volunteers, we believe that volunteers should be able to gain personal benefits from the experience too.

We have recently revamped our volunteer program and we are now recruiting volunteers on a three month rotating cycle. The process includes recruitment, training and orientation. We also offer shorter volunteer options that don’t require lengthy training and commitment.

We have opportunities for community members to volunteer and work with adults, youth or in a more general capacity. Volunteer opportunities are coordinated by program staff, who manage individual volunteer positions to encourage community involvement in the agency.

Current Volunteer Positions:

Photographer – Pathway to Employment
The Pathway to Employment Program is seeking a Photographer to provide support to the ‘I Am More Than My Criminal Record’ team. ‘I Am More Than My Criminal Record’ is a public education initiative aimed at reducing the stigma of a criminal record by sharing stories and photographs of individuals who have been in conflict with the law.

Volunteer Support Worker – Community ReEntry Support Program
The Volunteer Support Worker will work directly with the Community Re-entry Support Program to ensure incarcerated individuals have access to resource information, professional and natural supports, document assistance, and a link to the community that can eliminate and/or reduce barriers to social exclusion upon transition into the community. Written requests for assistance will be given to the Volunteer who will respond with the required information to facilitate the likelihood of success for reintegration.

We believe volunteers fulfil a unique role in our agency in providing a natural support between the person served and the agency. Volunteers also enhance the understanding of crime prevention and restorative justice in the community.

Interested in applying? Please complete the Volunteer Application Form, and send it [email protected] with the volunteer position in the subject matter. You can also mail the application form to 917-9th Ave SE, Calgary, AB. T2G 0S5