Berkana House is a community residential facility that provides a safe, respectful and empowering environment for women who are transitioning from Federal Institutions (prison) back into the community.

Our primary mandate and obligation is to ensure the safety, security, and wellbeing of the community at-large while meeting the social and clinical needs of the residents.

Berkana House has a total of 10 beds and houses women aged 18+ in an apartment-style building and is a joint initiative between CJHS and the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Residents staying at Berkana House have been referred by Correctional Services Canada for transition back into the community. All referrals are screened for suitability to the program. These women are from all walks of life and have committed a wide variety of offences. Successful candidates demonstrate positive motivation, some insight into their criminogenic factors and a willingness to address and change those factors.

As part of the re-integration process, Berkana residents are given support within a structured release plan which requires consistent supervision. The house is staffed 24/7 and the residents are supported through both formal (case planning) and informal interactions, in-house programing, social activities and holistic approaches.

Berkana Residents:

  • Receive a comprehensive care approach with multiple supports
  • Establish and plan goals with their Berkana House Case Workers and Parole Officer
  • Access a Psychologist and mental health nurse when applicable
  • Develop respectful relationships with staff and other residents

Berkana Staff:

  • Ensure residents follow conditions specific to their release.
  • Issue curfew times and maintain accountability.
  • Assure pro-social activities and appropriate relationships.
  • Support developing goals and monitor progress.
  • Liaise with parole officers and other involved professionals.
  • Make referrals to appropriate community resources.

The name “Berkana” symbolizes growth and rebirth. A birch tree located at the house represents our commitment to the women who pass through the house on their path to new beginnings. The activities carried out at Berkana House are designed to address the social and clinical needs of residents thereby minimizing the risk present if offenders were simply released into the community at the end of their sentence.

For more information please call 403-640-8911