Roofs for Youth provides housing support for chronically disengaged and homeless youth aged 15 – 24 who are without stable housing and supportive services

The Calgary John Howard Society, through partnership with Wood’s Homes and a collaborative relationship with Calgary Young Offenders Centre (CYOC) will provide a continuum of services including:

  • Assessment, case management, and transition planning services
  • Access to safe housing services
  • Access to education placement through referral to the Youth Attendance Centre and other community based educational systems
  • Referral to medical/psychological assessment and treatment (as required); access to a clinician
  • Crisis support
  • Family re-engagement
  • Follow up support in the community.


  • 15 – 24 years of age at intake
  • Any youth involved with Corrections (incarcerated, on probation, community service etc.)
  • Absolute homelessness or at risk of homelessness
  • Without the support of family and/or child intervention services
  • Youth will reside in Calgary post-discharge from CYOC
  • Participation is voluntary (not mandated)

Benefits of Roofs for Youth:

  • Youth achieve their goals through a strong one-on-one relationship with staff
  • Youth work with staff to identify goals, set realistic activities, monitor progress, and conduct follow-ups
  • Youth facing severe difficulties are supported to stabilize and receive services in safe and supportive housing environments, preparing to move towards independence
  • Youth increase their capacity in financial literacy skills
  • Youth will become increasingly engaged in their community
  • Youth are diverted from living on the street and possibly becoming dependent on adult shelters and welfare systems
  • Opportunity to be informed about the criminal justice system, including what is happening and why
  • Youth will be connected to organizations that will help them to gain skills necessary for employment
  • Opportunities to be connected with employment possibilities through the Youth Culinary Arts Program, Youth Employment Centre and other organizations and companies throughout the community

Referral Process:

Roofs for Youth participates in the Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) system in Calgary. Potential clients in the community may be referred by a professional or may self-refer, and will need to contact the SORCe ( to have a SPDAT completed. Placement in Roofs for Youth is determined by CAA and may be dependent on program capacity at any given time.