Caring For Families is a peer support and resource network for family members who are experiencing separation from a loved one as a result of incarceration.

The Calgary John Howard Society and Mennonite Central Committee are resources to the Caring For Families Project.

Family members and loved ones who wish to maintain a relationship and support a loved one in custody often have difficulty navigating the correctional system and obtaining accurate information; they may also feel stigmatized and shamed by the experience resulting in feelings of powerlessness and isolation. The Caring For Families Project recognizes the need for individuals to connect with others and obtain accurate information and support during such a difficult time. Gatherings are held twice per month to facilitate an opportunity for family members to connect and share their experience in a safe and supportive environment. These gatherings allow for accurate information and resources to be shared and support accessed.

For more information, please call:

Calgary John Howard Society – 403 266-4566

Mennonite Central Committee – 403 275-6935

Caring For Families – Information and Resource Guide