The Extended FASD Support Project (EFSP) supports men and women aged 18+ who are living with (or suspected of living with) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and who are at risk of becoming or already involved in the criminal justice system.

We support clients through the process of an FASD assessment and provide resources through ongoing community support teams. When individuals are given long term supports and an opportunity to reach their goals it contributes to the overall health and safety of our community.

We provide assistance to:

  • Obtain an FASD medical diagnosis (funding permitted)
  • Secure stable income supports
  • Secure housing – independent or supported
  • Secure a meaningful job
  • Secure supports to address addictions
  • Secure long term supports in the community
  • Address legal issues
  • Build a supportive environment and help clients achieve personal goals

Referrals to participate come from:

  • Self-Referrals from Individuals who have or are suspected of having FASD
  • Family members
  • Support agencies
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Friends

As an additional resource for clients, the FASD Action Hall (FAH) is a non-traditional support group for individuals with FASD and their supporters. Meetings are organized into three, 10 week sessions that focus on developing skills so clients can advocate for their personal needs and work towards living independently.

Topics covered include:

  • self-advocacy skills and budgeting
  • meal planning – healthy eating
  • healthy relationships
  • communication skills
  • how to access supports in the community
  • how to build and support a healthy life style

Participation in FAH results in clients having a better understanding of FASD and their personal strengths which contributes to an independent healthy lifestyle.

FASD Training

We offer training and leaning sessions for community support teams to facilitate an understanding of FASD and strategies to support clients affected by FASD.

For more information, please call (403) 266-4566