The Literacy and Learning Program is a free service giving individuals the opportunity to improve their literacy skills. The program is for men and women aged 18+ who are facing language and literacy barriers and have had, or are at risk of having involvement with the criminal justice system.

CJHS’ Literacy Coordinator and Literacy Facilitator offer one-to-one tutoring in the community and at the Calgary Remand Centre on a daily basis. One-to-one tutoring is also offered by trained volunteer coaches at the agency main office as well as various sites in the community to increase accessibility to literacy and learning opportunities for those facing financial barriers. The program focuses on foundational learning, supporting learners up to a grade 9 level. Learners work on reading, writing, numeracy and specific self-identified learning goals with an emphasis placed on skills that can be used in everyday life.

A lack of education is both a cause and a consequence of crime. Literacy and learning is one of the most successful ways an individual can gain self-esteem, confidence, knowledge and employment related skills; helping them move out of poverty and avoid becoming involved in criminal activity. When individuals are given literacy and learning opportunities it contributes to the overall health and safety of our community.

Please call 403-543-7824