The Indigenous Youth Outreach Program (IYOP) supports multi-barriered youth aged 12 to 24 who may have been involved with, or are at-risk of involvement with the criminal justice system. Indigenous youth are over represented in Canada’s corrections system and IYOP aims to break this trend by encouraging positive behaviour and offering support.

Indigenous youth who participate in IYOP are likely in unstable or unsafe housing and are at risk of becoming homeless or in a shelter situation. Our Indigenous Youth Outreach Worker offers one-to-one support, family mediation, crisis resolution, counselling, goal setting, assistance with securing affordable and safe housing, advocating on behalf of the youth for funding with bands, assistance finding and maintaining employment and/or further education.

IYOP also supports Indigenous youth who reside at CJHS’s two youth residences, Raido House and Windsor Park, as well as youth within other agency programs who may be living in the community, or might be experiencing homelessness or incarceration.  IYOP supports Indigenous youth to prevent their involvement in crime; to promote a positive lifestyle; and to re-unite them with their Indigenous culture and families.

For more information please contact our Main Office at 403.266.4566

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