The Youth Advocacy and Support program (YAS) assists youth aged 12-17 who are at risk of and/or involved in the criminal justice system.

Youth are assisted with the difficulties they are experiencing in their home, at school and/or in the community that may increase the likelihood of youth participating in activities that put themselves at risk of offending. Program staff provide one-to-one support, family mediation, crisis resolution and counseling for youth experiencing family breakdown/conflict, substance misuse/abuse, anger management, mental health and many other issues young people face.

Youth Advocates can assist with:
Accessing services and resources for basic needs, housing, employment, education, financial support, child welfare assistance, criminal justice system assistance, legal rights and services, education and recreation.
YAS assists youth to assess needs and work towards positive change by:

  • Creating alternatives to crime
  • Counseling and one to one support
  • Family support and Mediation
  • Individual and systems advocacy
  • Community collaboration
  • Outreach

Call our Youth Advocate: (403) 543-7826 Fax: (403) 265-2458

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