The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) is a charity that has been reducing crime and making Calgary communities safer since 1949 by helping youth and adults make positive changes and move away from criminal behaviour.
We address the root causes of crime by providing education, employment programs, housing and support so individuals have alternatives to breaking the law.
Justice is best served through measures that resolve conflict, embrace diversity and repair harm, while holding the individual accountable for their actions. We believe in understanding the context of why a crime was committed or harm was caused. Our goal is to restore relationships and support people in order to prevent future harm, making the Calgary community safer for all.

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We partner with other organizations across the city to share learning and resources to increase our effectiveness in providing help to those who need it.

Housing and reintegration, as well as mentorship, outreach, advocacy, and support for at risk and vulnerable youth.

Mentorship for Indigenous youth as well as outreach, advocacy and support.

Offering reintegration, housing, employment and education as well as FASD support and Prison Visitation.

An approach to justice that helps meet the needs of people faced with crime and conflict in an inclusive and meaningful way.

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Impact Stories

DR, a father struggling with addiction issues, reached out to the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) for support with finding employment. He attended an employment ...

In 2022, as pandemic restrictions lifted and city life resumed, we confronted a pressing issue. A staggering 80% of our Calgary Young Offender Centre (CYOC) ...

In 2022, the EFSP program supported 36 new clients. The caseworkers were in court 111 times to advocate for their clients. 68% of the ...