Outreach, advocacy and support youth ages 12-24 who are exhibiting criminal behaviour

Only one in 10 incidents where a youth was accused of a crime happened at school during school hours or a supervised activity (Statistics Canada 2014).

Our Youth Advocates help to provide alternatives for youth who are at risk of offending or reoffending, due to difficulties they are experiencing at home, school or in the community. 

How it works

The Youth Advocates provide one-on-one support, helping youth with:

  • Navigating family relationships
  • Crisis resolution
  • Accessing counselling
  • Goal-setting
  • Basic needs
  • Securing affordable and safe housing
  • Cultural connections
  • Navigating the justice system and child welfare
  • Finding and maintaining employment/education
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Accessing financial support
  • Anything else the youth may need in order to have alternatives to crime

Through these supports, youth have the opportunity to re-engage with family, school and the community, and to grow into healthy, responsible adults.


Isaias discovered boxing to be the alternative he needed

Isaias had started going down the wrong path at the age of 10, after discovering his parents were addicts. “Growing up, I thought my grandparents were my parents,” he says. “They adopted me when I was two.” Read more