Employment and education programs for adults to help them move away from criminal behaviour

A 2008 Canadian study found that 79% of inmates had no high school diploma, with 82% testing lower than Grade 10 and 65% testing below Grade 8. Another study showed that the unemployment rate for the recently released was 73%, while the national unemployment rate at the time was around 7%.

The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) provides a variety of employment and education programs for adults who are making positive changes and moving away from criminal behaviour. Our staff provide support services based on clients’ individual needs so they can positively reintegrate into society.

Meaningful employment and education are two of the most successful ways for an individual to move out of poverty and avoid becoming involved or re-involved in criminal activity. With education, job prospects and skills for living in mainstream society, it is much less likely an individual will reoffend. This ultimately creates safer communities by giving adults the tools to be responsible, contributing members.

Learning Enhanced Employment Program (LEEP)

  • Ten-day group program to learn job skills (resume writing, interviewing, money management, etc.), training (i.e. for oil and gas, construction and hospitality industries), and self-development skills
  • Note: Due to COVID-19, the program is currently running in a ‘blended’ format: most days online using Microsoft Teams, 4 days in person at the CJHS Main Office  
  • To apply,  call 403-266-4566 on the call-in date to book an intake interview:     
    • Call March 29th to book an intake interview for the April 12th-23rd session
    • Call April 26th to book an intake interview for the May 10th-21st session
    •  May 25th to book an intake interview for the June 7th-18th session

Pathway to Employment

  • Ongoing one-on-one support for adults who are unable to find employment independently, to address barriers and build employment-related skills
  • We also provide support to employers with an aim to find job placements for clients

Literacy and Learning

  • One-on-one support to improve reading and writing skills up to a Grade 9 level; basic computer skills and understanding; and support for high school/academic upgrading or to enroll in post-secondary programs
  • Two-week, in-person course for basic computer skills: essential email use, Internet navigation, Microsoft programs, mouse control
  • Group to develop skills for learning:
    • Self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-confidence as a learner
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Services offered at our main office, Calgary Remand Centre, Calgary Correctional Centre, and in the community
  • Call 403-543-7824 for information and registration on upcoming courses:
    • April 6th-16th
    • May 4th-14th
    • June 8th-18th

*Note: Learning opportunities are offered in-person, following COVID-19 regulations, or online. 

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Financial Empowerment

  • Improve money management skills
  • Learn how to set financial goals, develop a spending plan and pay down debt
  • Caseworkers can also directly manage a client’s finances with them if they are struggling to do it on their own

To apply for any of the above programs, call 403-266-4566.

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