Shawn: Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP)For 15 years, Shawn lived a life in flux, homeless with brief periods of housing.
Ian: GECOS ProgramThe Circle of Courage assessment is completed with every Gang Exit and Community Outreach Services (GECOS) client upon
Stephanie/Na’amat: Raido House BackpacksAn opportune encounter with a volunteer, Stephanie, from Na’amat brought forth a wave of good fortune for
Lily: Berkana House Lily, who came to us after years of incarceration, recognized the difficulties she would face reintegrating into
Gary: Community Case Management and Supervision (CCMS) Program“I felt broken, lost and that I had wasted my years”, this is
Ryan: Achieves success with “a little help from his natural supports.”Prior to being released from incarceration in August 2021, Ryan
Jesse: Transforming from an offender to an inspirational role modelShortly after being released from prison, Jesse joined CJHS’s Building Bonds
David: Being a part of the solution David* had been incarcerated for 15 years; he entered prison when he was
Hope: CJHS program removed fear and replaced it with skill and confidenceStruggling with mental health and addiction issues, both root