DR: Employment Services

DR: Employment Services DR, a father struggling with addiction issues, reached out to the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) for support with finding employment. He attended an employment services orientation and registered for LEEP training, which he completed successfully. He… Read More

Marvin: Immigrant Youth Crime Prevention Program (IYCPP)

Marvin: Immigrant Youth Crime Prevention Program (IYCPP) In 2022, as pandemic restrictions lifted and city life resumed, we confronted a pressing issue. A staggering 80% of our Calgary Young Offender Centre (CYOC) clientele were immigrant youth, yet our outreach was… Read More

Bill: Bedford House

Bill: Bedford House  Meet Bill, a 35-year-old man who has embarked on a remarkable journey of redemption. Throughout his troubled childhood, Bill experienced the harsh realities of life, moving in and out of the Calgary Young Offenders Centre without much… Read More

Shawn/Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP)

Shawn: Adult Housing Reintegration Program (AHRP) For 15 years, Shawn lived a life in flux, homeless with brief periods of housing. Life had taken a toll on him physically and mentally, and he grappled with substance abuse. His journey towards… Read More

Ian/GECOS Program

Ian: GECOS Program The Circle of Courage assessment is completed with every Gang Exit and Community Outreach Services (GECOS) client upon initial intake to document any changes or unbalances within the client. Statistically, the “independence” domain is the lowest scoring category… Read More


Stephanie/Na’amat: Raido House Backpacks An opportune encounter with a volunteer, Stephanie, from Na’amat brought forth a wave of good fortune for Raido House, our youth housing facility catering to homeless 15-18-year-old youth. Na’amat, channels its efforts towards enhancing the lives… Read More


Lily: Berkana House Lily, who came to us after years of incarceration, recognized the difficulties she would face reintegrating into the community. Despite this, she demonstrated extraordinary commitment to her recovery, reaching out for assistance and facing her struggles with… Read More


Gary: Community Case Management and Supervision (CCMS) Program “I felt broken, lost and that I had wasted my years”, this is how Gary* describes his life while he was actively involved in crime which eventually led to him losing his… Read More


Ryan: Achieves success with “a little help from his natural supports.” Prior to being released from incarceration in August 2021, Ryan accessed support from the CJHS Reintegration Support program to develop an achievable release plan and find suitable housing. With… Read More