Kickin’ It in the Kitchen

Kickin’ It in the Kitchen offers stabilization starting point Every Tuesday, the men at CJHS’s Bedford House meet in the kitchen for a new cooking program developed by staff member Karen Crowther, called “Kickin’ It in the Kitchen.” The purpose… Read More


Alannah’s story Looking back at different parts of her life, Alannah, now 24, feels like they are completely different lifetimes. “I almost can’t relate because I’m not that person anymore,” she says. Alannah was placed into foster care at the… Read More


Danny’s story When asked what the most influential thing in his life has been, Danny has one word: boxing. “I thought I was a tough guy and stepped into the ring. I got humbled really quick,” he says. “It made… Read More

Kim shares her story through art

Ignite is the Calgary John Howard Society’s public awareness project that is showcasing art representing individuals’ experiences with substance use and the stigma associated with it. Kim, one of the Ignite participants, shares her story with us.

Alex finds a family at CJHS

Alex is a hockey enthusiast. He’s also a chef, athlete and gentleman. “But it’s just common courtesy,” the modest 23-year-old protests of his conscious effort to hold doors open for anyone nearby. Alex has been coming to the Calgary John… Read More