Employment and Education

Employment and Education support.

Based on Canadian research, a 2020 article by the John Howard Society of Canada indicated that nearly three-quarters (72%) of federally sentenced individuals have some need for education or employment; 54% of the incarcerated population have less than a grade 10 education and 62% of federally sentenced men were unemployed at the time of their arrest. 

The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) provides a variety of employment and education services for adults wanting to make positive changes in their lives and move away from criminal involvement.

Meaningful employment and education are two of the most successful ways for an individual to move out of poverty and avoid becoming involved or re-involved in criminal activity. 

With education, job prospects and skills for living in mainstream society, it is much less likely an individual will reoffend. This ultimately creates safer communities by giving adults the tools to be responsible, contributing members.

Financial Empowerment

In partnership with Momentum, we offer one-to-one financial coaching and financial administration supports to:

How to Apply

To apply for any of the above programs, call 403-266-4566.

Support From Cjhs Staff Helped William Prepare to Go Back to School to Help Others

At 61, William might not look like the average college student. Nevertheless, he’s determined to go back to school in order to help people who’ve struggled with the same things he has.

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