Reintegration Services

Direct assistance and support for adults in custody and those reintegrating into the community following release. Services are also provided for adults in the community who have had previous or current justice involvement.

To meet basic necessities amidst barriers of stigmatization, policies denying access to housing and education programs, and challenges finding employment due to criminal records those released from prison sometimes engage in criminal activities to get by perpetuating the cycle of homelessness, re-arrest, and incarceration.

Our staff provide support services based on clients’ individual needs so they can reintegrate successfully into the community and make positive changes in their lives.

Danny Positively Reintegrates back Into the Community with Support from CJHS.

By age 11, Danny had been through over 20 different foster homes where he was forced to steal and fight to survive. Yet, “I learned not to take anything for granted, and always respect what you got, and who you got,” he says.

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