Mentorship for Indigenous Youth

Mentorship for Indigenous youth ages 12-24 who are exhibiting criminal behaviour.

Due to the impact of intergenerational trauma, Indigenous youth are at high risk of low education, incarceration, addictions, poverty, homelessness and poor health. Through this mentoring program, volunteer mentors work one-on-one with youth to support and guide the youth as role models.

How to be a Mentee

Youth can self-refer or be referred by outreach workers, school affiliates or justice officials

Call CJHS at 403-266-4566

How It Works

The mentors build relationships with the youth, and discuss insights, reflections, challenges and success. The mentors will also attend cultural mentoring sessions with youth, where Elders will teach them about Indigenous cultures, crafting, tradition, language lessons and ceremonies.

When youth don’t have any connection to family or community, they may not feel an obligation to respect themselves or others. Connecting at-risk youth to their culture and community through this mentoring program will provide youth with a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community.

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