Restorative Solutions to Conflict

Helping adults and youth (12+) who are involved in criminal behaviour to reflect upon their actions, take accountability and repair harm through trauma-informed, restorative processes. 

What is restorative justice?

Restorative solutions are based on restorative justice — an approach to justice that helps meet the needs of people faced with crime and conflict in an inclusive and meaningful way.  It provides opportunities, for those who have been harmed and those who have caused harm, to be active participants in their journey for justice, accountability, and reparation.

Victim/Offender Dialogues

A pre or post sentence victim-centered restorative process, bringing individuals together who have been impacted by harmful behaviours. The session will focus on responsibility and accountability of the offender, addressing victim’s needs, and repairing harm caused.

Crime Impact Sessions

One-on-one sessions which help people identify their root causes and triggers, increase their capacity for empathy, explore meaningful ways to take accountability, and create a positive path forward. This process includes discussion regarding any further needed supports or resources in community, as well as an exploration of whether a face-to-face dialogue with person(s) harmed is appropriate.

Apology Letter Support

One-on-one support with writing a meaningful apology as part of the restorative justice process or as ordered by probation or court.

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Restorative Solutions to Conflict 
is a voluntary program.

Referrals are carefully assessed. The process chosen may vary depending on the unique circumstances, the participant’s capacity, and their willingness to participate.
A summary of the completed process will be provided to Courts, Probation Officers and/or other referral sources as requested.

Referrals can be emailed to: [email protected]

Any inquiries can be made to: Narda Robillard, Restorative Justice Coordinator 403-543-7816

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