The Agency Awards

CJHS Agency Awards It is important for The Calgary John Howard Society to recognize their staff and volunteers, and the great work they do; especially during a time when it is easier to focus on the world’s negativity. Therefore, the… Read More

Building Bonds in the Community

Building Bonds in the Community From M2C to Building Bonds in the Community, this volunteer driven program within CJHS offers tailored support to individuals exiting prison. Since the program has no end date, the participants feel it is “flexible and… Read More


GECOS  The new Gang Exit and Community Outreach Strategy project at the Calgary John Howard Society is getting team members excited for a new challenge and new opportunity.   CJHS will be working with the province, alongside other John Howard Societies in Alberta, to provide support and assistance to individuals… Read More

The Good Neighbor Council

The Good Neighbour Council  On March 4th, 2021, the businesses on Builders Road, surrounding neighbours and interested stakeholders, virtually met, to start getting to know each other and begin the implementation of the Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) that was signed in December 2011.   Establishing regular communication methods, creating responses to complaints… Read More

Berkana House / Painting away the pain

Painting Away the Pain When Laura was in Fraser Valley, BC., she realized she wanted to make a change in her life. This was the beginning of her healing journey. “I sat one day just watching all the women in… Read More

Positive Posts / Berkana House

Positive Posts       With so much negativity in the world, it can be a beneficial change to hear about the good things in people’s lives. This week, there has been piles of positivity at Berkana House, and for… Read More

Learning: one size doesn’t fit all

A literacy guru’s uneasy learning journey  Academically, I was a mediocre student throughout secondary school. Most times, my mind wandered during classes. Teachers passed over me and didn’t express high academic hopes for me. Consequently, I went through school thinking… Read More

COVID-19 Experience Art Project Contest

How are you self-isolating to stop the spread of COVID-19? CJHS clients, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders are invited to share an art project that illustrates their experience with COVID-19 or what they are doing to pass the time! Projects… Read More