How are you self-isolating to stop the spread of COVID-19? CJHS clients, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders are invited to share an art project that illustrates their experience with COVID-19 or what they are doing to pass the time! Projects can include sculptures (e.g. clay, PlayDoh, Lego, etc.), collage, painting, drawing, digital illustrations, poetry, short story, short film shot on your phone, photography, music, textiles, beading, jewelry or anything else your creative mind comes up with! Projects will be displayed here and  the winner will receive a $25 gift card. Please email submissions to [email protected] by July 6, 2020.

By Stella Andrea McKenzie

"I have my past, present and future, I decorated the frames with everything that gets me through hard times. Like my sober tags and my rocks and my Lord Jesus. Thank you for having me be apart of the contest. That’s my mug shot, me in my 2 years sober, then I’m getting my kids back this fall."