Louis: Living a Better Life

Louis* has been working with a criminal record for the past 10 years at Costco and was doing well.

Then he committed two offences, including shoplifting an item from a local department store. He was sent to remand for 120 days but was having difficulty getting out when his time was up as he had no housing to go to. CJHS stepped in and was able to build a plan for him to be released from remand that included stable community resources while considering community safety.

When Louis left the remand centre, he had many concerns facing him: ID, work permit and more. As a former drug dealer, he was concerned about the lack of social support and some of the negative influences in his life.

With CJHS’ help, he attended its one-on-one literacy

program, as well as two other CJHS programs — one for computer skills ‘Click and Away: Computer Basics for Beginners’ and the Learning Enhanced Employment Program (LEEP). Louis’ caseworker lent him a laptop and he was able to get his Forklift Certification as well as his Cooking Certification.

“You know, I want to change my life [….] keep myself

busy… […] and everything, and I’m sober now,” says Louis.

On top of the employment/education aspects, he also learnt how important willpower is, along with other important skills. Louis also made friends with his peers in the program and keeps in touch with some of them, as well as his caseworker who

helped him find his current job as a window cleaner.

“I have a job now and I’m happy. [….] Just going to work and coming home. One of the best thing[s] in my life that I’ve ever done in the 20 years. Very happy

with that […],” adds Louis.

* Names have been changed for client confidentiality. 

Did you know;

  • 91% of the people that took Learning Enhanced Employment Program (LEEP) indicated that the workshops helped get them closer to getting a job.

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