Stephanie/Na’amat: Raido House Backpacks

An opportune encounter with a volunteer, Stephanie, from Na’amat brought forth a wave of good fortune for Raido House, our youth housing facility catering to homeless 15-18-year-old youth.

Na’amat, channels its efforts towards enhancing the lives of women, families, and children in Israel and Canada. One of their signature initiatives involves assembling backpacks filled with school supplies for children residing in domestic shelters.

Raido House, a crucial arm of CJHS, provides a safe and supportive environment for youth in transition. The facility stresses the importance of education with its residents, making the school supply donations from Na’amat an invaluable contribution.

Stephanie, upon discovering an online article about Raido House, found herself drawn to the youth housing initiative and the impact CJHS was making. Recognizing the parallels between the challenges faced by Raido House residents and those in domestic shelters, she felt compelled to take action.

“I realized that these young individuals, much like those in shelters, were grappling with difficult circumstances,” Stephanie explained. “Their needs extend beyond housing and basic care. Education is a vital aspect, and access to necessary school supplies might be an area requiring additional support.”

Stephanie reached out to Raido House with a proposition to donate back-to-school backpacks for the youth, a gesture that CJHS accepted with deep gratitude. As a result, a meaningful collaboration was established between Raido House and Na’amat, enriching the lives of the young residents. These backpacks offer more than just school supplies; they serve as a beacon of hope and a tangible testament to the belief that everyone is deserving of opportunities to succeed in their education.

Stephanie emphasized “The youth often explore and reexplore the contents of their backpacks, spreading everything out on their beds, taking a moment to appreciate each item. Providing school supplies to these young people not only boosts their self-esteem but also instills hope. It communicates to them that there are individuals out there who genuinely care about their education and future.”

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