Hope: CJHS program removed fear and replaced it with skill and confidence

Struggling with mental health and addiction issues, both root causes of crime, Hope* had difficulty managing her finances each month. She often found herself having to borrow money and to access the Calgary Food Bank.

Referred to CJHS by Momentum, a Calgary non profit with programs that help individuals on low income, she was able to increase her knowledge of computers, a critical skill in today’s world.

“I just did not have any computer skills in the sense of how to navigate like, the desktop, or even my laptop,” says Hope.

She had purchased a computer so she could go back to school, but was so overwhelmed by her lack of experience, she had not used it at all. Hope felt a lot of shame and fear about her computer skills; she felt she should know how to use one at her age.

Hope believes the CJHS Digital Literacy program ‘Click and Away: Computer Basics for Beginners’ was a wonderful opportunity for her to face her fears and to persevere through the program.

The Click and Away program provided Hope with general information about computer software and operating systems. It also helped her to learn practical things such as accessing her Gmail account and how to move through programs and applications.

“[…]I was able to complete the program and get my certificate. And now I’m so much more comfortable with a computer,” says Hope.

She also says that she’s now able to get on to Zoom video calls and participate in her recovery. She has also signed up for some online courses recommended by CJHS at the public library.

“And hopefully, I’ll improve my computer skills and be able to gain employment or return to school. Whichever one presents itself for me, will work,” Hope adds.

Did you know;

56% of CJHS learners in 2020 demonstrated and increased self-confidence as a result of participating in a learning opportunity.